vfx & post production

Digitized 2013

VFX work for Digitized 2013 digital design conference, idents sequence. Responsible for every aspect. The main goal was to integrate the characteristic Digitized d logo in various circumstances and landscapes. Shot with the Ikonoskop A-Cam dll and Carl Zeiss 1.3 Mark III lenses, distortion maps were created for proper tracking in PFTrack and compositing in Nuke. All geometry shaded, lighten and rendered with Arnold. This project was officially supported by Solid Angle Ltd.


VFX artist: Georgios Papaioannou
graphic design: Till Noon
music: Ted Reglis
sound design: John Valasis
concept/photography/direction: John Christoforou

Thanks to Konstantinos Penlidis, Demetrios Fakinos, Tony Zagoraios and Rousselos Aravantinos.
Special thanks to Solid Angle and Victoria Hamilton.